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There is only one place in Bangkok you can consider that offers the best shopping places, and it is Pratunam, shopping center of Bangkok! Cheap as cheap can be, Thousands of thousands of selections, and in the middle of this bustling busy shopping district, one place stands out, the Amari Watergate Bangkok, 5 Star Hotel that lets you seamlessly escape the busy streets outside. Amazing. 

Now if you are looking for a vacation to Bangkok, and you want to shop till you drop, this is the hotel to go to. and visit their Facebook Fanpage!

This past month i have been practically non existent in tumblr or any other online sites. I’ve been working in a normal everyday job. I’m working in a Hotel right now been here for 1 year and 18 days. started out as a Front Desk Agent and 18 days ago I was promoted to Team Leader, E-Distribution. so i am practically back online 24/7. this is the hotel im working at and yeah i liknked our facebook page so you can like it!! increase our fan base!!! I’ll get back with photography like day to day shots and what not. yeap yeap.

Good Morning Bangkok